So Not Happening

This is a good book to read in fifth to eighth grade.


This is a Christian book about a girl named Bella, who moves from her rich house in the city to live on a farm.  Bella is devastated by the move.  She tries to fit in, and after a while she does.  She gets invited to parties and has a lot of fun.  Later she finds out a secret at the school.  Two players on the soccer team were murdered.  Bella has to figure out what happened.  One of her new friends thinks Bella is getting to close to the secret, and points a gun at her.  He says Bella can either drug herself, or he will shoot her.

This book has no bad language, minor romance, and minor violence.

This is a great book and it is really funny.  At times I would be laughing out loud while I was reading it on the couch.

It is a really good book, and everyone should try reading it.

My favorite character is Luke Sullivan. At first he is serious and mean, but in the end becomes one of Bella’s greatest friends.

I hope you enjoy this book.

four out of five stars

Author: Jenny B. Jones
Pages: 336

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