The Wish Stealer

This is a good book to read in fourth to seventh grade.


Griffin loves to make wishes.  That is until she meets the wish stealer, Mariah.  Mariah tricks Griffin into taking the stolen wishes.  The wishes have a curse.  Whatever you wish the opposite will happen.  Now Griffin is in trouble.  She wished her sick grandma would get better and that her mom would have a healthy baby girl.  There is only one thing Griffin can do, try and reverse the spell.  But it must be done before midnight, will she do it in time?

This book has no romance, no bad language, and no violence.

This is a good book, I hope you enjoy it!!!

My favorite character is Mariah, she is very deceiving and smart.


three out of five stars

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Paperback: 288 pages

author: Tracy Trivas

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