Dragon Slippers

This is a good book to read for fifth to ninth grade.


After Creel’s aunt offers her to a dragon, Creel knows she is on her own, and must escape.  Before she goes she takes a pair of dragon slippers.  She runs to the kingdom across town, and works there as a seamstress.  Later she finds out a horrible secret.  The slippers she took has the power to control all dragons.  Then the evil princess sees Creel wearing the slippers and she wants them.  After Creel refuses the princesses request, the princess gets mad and steals the slippers.  The princess finds out about the slippers powers, and uses the slippers to control the dragons, and starts a war.  Creel must stop the war before everyone she knows and loves gets hurt.

This book has no bad language, medium violence, but does not go into any detail.  This book also has minor romance.

This is a GREAT book.  I hope you like it.

My favorite character is Creel’s friend Marta.  Marta is loving, kind, and understanding.


five out of five stars

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author: Jessica Day George

352 pages

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