The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a good book to read in fifth or sixth grade and up.


This book takes place in a country called Panem.  There are twelve districts and in the middle of the twelve districts is the Capitol.  The Capitol controls all of Panem, and to prove that they are in control, they hold the annual Hunger Games.  They choose one boy and one girl, ages twelve to eighteen from each district to fight to the death on TV.  Katniss Everdeen, who is the main character, is chosen after she volunteers to go in the place of her little sister who was chosen, along with Peeta Mellark.  They are put on a train to be taken to the Capitol.  They have to train to fight, be in a parade, and do interviews on TV.  After they have finished all the preparations, they both get dropped off at the arena to fight along with the other twenty-two contestants.  To be the ultimate survivor, they must face the outdoor elements, hunt for food, align themselves with some of the other contestants, but in the end they must kill every other contestant and be the last one standing.  Let the HUNGER GAMES begin!!

This has medium romance and no bad language.   The violence is medium, even though the deaths are kind of gross.  There aren’t details on any of the deaths, so it shouldn’t leave the younger readers scared.

I hope you enjoy this book.  I really did!

Clove is my favorite character.  She is vicious and strong, and does what needs to be done.  She is very brave.


five out of five stars

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Author: Suzanne Collins

Pages:  384

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4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Great review! I may just read this, when I have time of course. Being that I haven’t read this yet, what are your thoughts about which order I should go in, movie first or book first? Was the movie up to par with the book? Again, great job on the review!