Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson is a great book to start reading in fifth grade, but I also know a lot of adults who have read it and loved it.


This book is about a twelve year old boy who finds out he is a demigod, which is half human and half greek god.  Up until then, he lived a normal life as a middle school boy.  Percy has ADHD and dyslexia.    After his teacher turns into a creature called a fury, which is a a servant of the greek god Hades, he knows he is not normal.  To make it even tougher, Percy finds out his best friend Grover is actually a Satyer, a half goat half man sent out to protect demigods.  Grover tells Percy that Hades has found him, and he has to go to a protective camp for demigods, called Camp Half-blood.  Percy, along with his mom and Grover run to Camp Half-blood, when a centaur attacks Percy’s mom and kills her.  In this first book, Percy goes with Grover and his new friend Annabeth, to Hades to get his mom back.  Also Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy thinks Hades took it.  If it is not returned by midnight, on the summer solstice,  Zeus will declare war.
This book has no bad language, and minor violence.  Also it has very minor romance.
I hope you enjoy this book.  It’s one of my favorites!
My favorite character is Annabeth. She is the strongest and smartest.  She also knows how to kill all the monsters they face.
five out of five stars


Paperback: 400 pages
Author: Rick Riordan

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