This is a good book for fourth to eighth grade readers.


This book is about a whole family and all of their relatives who have a savvy, which is a special talent that you get when you turn thirteen.  Mibbs’ is about to turn thirteen and is excited to see what her savvy is.  Her oldest brother Rocket can control electricity.  Fish, her other brother, can control the weather.  A day before Mibbs’ thirteenth birthday, her dad gets in a terrible car accident. They find him unconscious and he has to be transported to a hospital in Selena.  Rocket and Mibbs’ mom has to go to Salina.  She and Fish are left to take care of their younger siblings, Samson and Gypsy.  On the day of Mibbs’ thirteenth birthday, she thinks her savvy is waking people or animals up from sleep.  She convinces Fish to come along with her to Salina so she can try to wake her dad up from his coma.   Their friend Will and his older sister, Bobbi, make the journey also.  They hitchhike a ride on a bus going to Salina, and become great friends with the bus driver.  When they finally make it to Salina, Mibbs’ realizes her savvy might not be what she thought it was.  Did they make this trip for nothing?
This book has no violence, and no bad language. It also has minor romance.
I hope you enjoy this book, because I really loved it.
My favorite character is Fish. He is very protective and kind.
three and a half out of five stars
Author: Ingrid Law
Pages: Paperback 368 pages

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2 thoughts on “Savvy

  1. A friend of mine heard this book on tape and said it was really good!! She’s an adult, so it sounds like adults would enjoy it also. Thanks for doing the review.