Princess Academy

This is a good book for fourth – eighth grade.


Miri is sent to the Princess Academy along with all the other girls from her town.  The girls must go through princess training to see which one is perfect for the prince.  The training is going great, and during the ball Miri even gets to dance with the prince.  Then a group of bandits hear about the princess training, and knows that one who is going to marry the prince will be worth a lot of money.  The bandits get to the school and kidnap all of the girls.  That is until the townspeople hear about the bandits, and go to rescue the girls.  The townspeople have no weapons, but they are determined to get the girls back, and they will do just about anything.  Now all the girls have to do is get out of the house that the bandits have them in, and run to the protection of their people.   That can be difficult when you have fifteen girls who need to escape, and bandits watching you 24/7.  Miri has a plan, but will it work?

This book has no bad language, minor romance, and minor violence because of the bandits.

I absolutly love this book, and I hope you enjoy it.

My favorite character is Miri, because she always has a plan, and is not scared easily.


five out of five stars

author: Shannon Hale
337 pages
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4 thoughts on “Princess Academy

  1. Sat up until 1:30 a.m. and finished the book. You were correct; it is a good book and certainly held my interest. I love the character of Miri, was sorry she went through so much in the book, but was happy with the ending. Great review, Rachel.