Kingdoms Dawn

This is an amazing book, which I think would be good for fifth to ninth grade.


Kingdoms Dawn is a Christian book, about a 16 year old boy named Leinad.  Leinad and his father, Peyton are farmers, but every day Peyton teaches Leinad  sword fighting.  Why would a farmer need to know how to fight?  Leinad thinks he lives in the perfect world until his father adopts an eleven year old orphan girl named Tess.  Leinad loves Tess, because she reminds him of his mother who died years before.  Later Peyton tells Leinad the reason he has learned sword fighting is because when he reached 18 he would be the kings personal knight.  On Leinads way home from hunting he encounters a knight of the dark lord who tries to kill him.  After barely escaping Leinad returns home to see the dark lord kill his father.  Now Leinad is on his own, and he has to take care of Tess.  After weeks of wandering the desert on their own, a slave master comes and takes them as his slaves.  He and Tess are split up, and all Leinad wants to do is escape with her, but before he can save Tess he must beat the slave master in a battle.  The only way to beat a professional sword fighter is to practice. Leinad knows he must wait to save Tess and the rest of the slaves, but will he save them in time?

I love this book and I hope you enjoy it too .

My favorite character is Tess, because she is brave and encouraging.

four out of five stars

page number: Paperback: 160 pages

author: Chuck Black

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5 thoughts on “Kingdoms Dawn

  1. I read this book based on your review and really enjoyed it! Didn’t know this book existed until I saw your blog. Thanks for giving me a new series to read!