The Hobbit

I would recommend this book for eighth grade and up.


There once was a ring that has the power to control all of Middle Earth.  It was created and owned, by the dark lord Sarumon, until he was killed in battle, and the ring was found by a corrupted hobbit named Gollum.  Years later a wizard, named Gandalf the grey came to a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, and asked him to accompany twelve dwarves along with him self on an adventure to a dragons lair.  They wanted to go there to steal part of the dragons hoard.  Bilbo agrees to go, but after a couple of days Bilbo gets split from the group, and ends up in Gollums cave.  That is when bilbos real adventures begin, Bilbo steals the ring from Gollum, and finds out it has a special power.  Any one who wears the ring turns invisible.  That is what is thought to be the only gift of the powerful ring, but what comes with a gift, also comes with a curse.  After Bilbo finds and reunites with the dwarves they continue to make there way to the dragons lair.  As of now this ring is becoming quite helpful to be able to sneak past dragons and such, but Bilbo later Bilbo will find out the curse of the ring, and realize that this ring is not as great as it seems.

There are some slow parts in this book, but if you get past those parts you will be glad you did, because this book just gets better and better.

My favorite character is Thorin, the leader of the dwarves.  He is very confident, and knows what he is doing, and although he may seem mean at first, he really is very caring.


four out of five stars 

Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Number of pages: 320
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