Fight for Freedom

This book is good for fifth to ninth grade.


This book is about a ten year old boy named Marcus. He lives in the Roman Empire with his mom and dad.  After he finds out his parents owe a lot of money to the government he becomes scared, and he has a right to be.  The next day Roman guards come demanding money that his family doesn’t have.  In anger the guards kill Marcus’ dad, and take him and his mom as slaves.  Marcus and his mom come up with a plan to escape slavery, but only Marcus can escape.  As he makes his way through Rome alone, a man takes Marcus again.  Marcus soon realizes this man is a gladiator trainer.  He takes young boys and men to train, then he puts them against each other in a gladiator competition.  Marcus soon sees that he is the youngest and has a small chance of winning, but winning is the only way to save his mom.  The question is, how will he get out of the competition alive?

This book is good, and I really hope you guys like it.  I had a couple of friends who read this book and really liked it.

My favorite character is Marcus’ dad.  He loves Marcus, and loves to play around with him, but he can also be serious and get things done.


three out of five stars

author: Simon Scarrow

Hardcover: 272 pages

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