Left Behind The Kids The Vanishings

This book is good for ages eleven to fourteen.  This book could be too scary for younger kids.  I think anyone older then fourteen could read the adult version.


This book is about four kids, Judd who is 16, Vicki who is 15, Lional who is 13, and Ryan who is 12.  All these kids have the same problem, they have parents who are strong Christians, but they are not sure they are ready, or if they ever want to be ready to become Christians.   When millions around the world vanish and all that’s left is their clothes, the kids know they have made a terrible mistake.  Now they are on their own, with no one to help them, but what they don’t know is they are all connected. Vickie is best friends with Lional’s sister, Judd knows Ryan through his dad, and their families go to the same church.  They all go to their parents church and officially meet each other for the first time.  Ryan and Lional go to see if they have any surviving family members, while Judd and Vicki who know they don’t, decide to go home.   When Vicki finds out her house burned down she doesn’t know what to do.  Then Judd asks if she will stay with him and she agrees.  After Ryan finds out that he has no family members, and Lional finds out his uncle is alive but cannot locate him, they decide to live with Judd and Vicki too. Although the kids see what has happened, they are still not sure they want to become Christians yet.   Later Lional finds out his uncle committed suicide, and decides he wants to see his body in Chicago.  After he sees the body, he tells his friends that the body he saw was not his uncle, and he knows that his uncle is alive somewhere.  This is only the beginning…

My favorite character is Judd.  At first he is scared, but soon realizes he needs to become the leader.

I loved this book, and think anyone in middle school will love it too.

This book has no bad language and very mild violence.  Also this book has some mild romance near the middle.

four out of five stars



authors: Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye
Paperback: 160 pages
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One thought on “Left Behind The Kids The Vanishings

  1. I read the adult series years ago and it was a very exciting series! It also really makes you think about your decision to follow God. I’m sure this series for kids is also just as good! Thanks for the review.