Witch and Wizard

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up, but I would recommend this series for ages fifteen and up.


This book is about Whit and Whisty Algood.  Whit is seventeen years old while his little sister is fifteen. They live in a world where someone named “the one who is the one” has put their world into a dictatorship, called the New Order, where you cannot read, learn, or even imagine.  In the middle of the night, some New Order officials come and take them while declaring them a witch and a wizard.  They get transported to a New Order prison and are tested for months.  Once “the one” is positive they are in fact a witch and wizard, he sentences them to execution by hanging them once they turn eighteen.  One of their many problems is that Whit is going to turn eighteen in a couple weeks.  Then strange things begin to happen. Whisty begins to float, glow, and catch on fire without being burnt, while Whit can speak incantations.  Whit and Whisty finally escape and are now proud to call themselves witch and wizard.  After they escape they begin to feel guilty that they left thousands of other kids to die in those cells, so they make a rescue plan.  Later they go back and begin to rescue the kids, but before they can complete their mission, Whisty gets captured and “the one” plans to execute her in less than a week.

My favorite character is Whisty because she is kind, yet is sarcastic.

This book is very good and I think many people will enjoy it.

This book had no bad language, and medium romance.  It also had medium violence. In this series the content gets worse and worse, and in the end I stopped reading them.


three out of five stars


author: James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonet
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