This is a good book for twelve and up.  There are some things that may not be good for kids any younger.


Tris just turned 16 along with her brother Caleb.  Once you turn 16 you have the opportunity to change your faction [ Candor, Amity, Abegnation, Erudite, or Dauntless].   Tris and Caleb were both born into Abegnation, [ the selfless ].  They can choose to either stay in their original faction or change.  Caleb chooses Euridite, [ the smart ] while Tris chooses Dauntless, [ the fearless ].  They both leave their old life to find a new one in their new faction.  This story follows Tris and her adventures in Dauntless.  First the people who transferred have to prove they belong in that particular faction.  The transfers must jump from a moving train onto a roof.  After the transfers complete this task, they think they have made it into that faction for sure.  Then the Dauntless leader Eric tells them only half of them will make it in and those who don’t will become factionless.  Their first task is to beat everyone else in a fight.  The top 14 will move on.  Tris’ first fight is against Molly. They must continue to fight until one of them becomes unable to continue.  Although Tris does not win all of her fights, she still makes it in seventh place.  She and her friends: Al, Christina and Will make it to stage two.  Stage 2 is called Facing your Fears.  In dauntless they literally put you into your worst fears and you have to conquer them.  The only person to successfully conquer it is Tris.  This makes everyone else jealous, and they decide to  “get rid of the competition.” That night Tris is kidnapped and taken to be killed.  After  she escapes, she realizes one of her kidnappers was her friend Al.  She tells him that she will never forgive him for that.  Al realizes he does  not belong in Dauntless, so he decides he would rather die than hurt anyone else.  That night Al jumps into a pit and dies.  Tris goes to visit Caleb in Euridite, and she learns that the Euridite faction has developed a serum to control the Abegnation and Dauntless factions.  Tris only has a couple of days to warn everyone, but how can she warn two factions in time??

This is by far the best book I have ever read.  It is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it.

My favorite character was Al because he was sweet and really liked Tris.

This book has medium romance, and medium violence.  To me, it had medium language a couple of times through out the book, but to some people it might be considered minor.


five out of five stars 


author: veronica roth
pages: 576 pages
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