The Selection

I would recommend this book to people no younger than thirteen.


This book is about America and she has just turned sixteen.  Where America lives, all of the people are ranked on the wealth line.  Ones are the kings and queens while number eight are the slaves.  America is a five and her boyfriend, Aspen is a six.  Aspen is about to ask America to marry him, until there is an invitation for girls ages 16-24 to go to the palace so that Prince Maxin can pick his bride.  If you sign the forms you automatically become a number three.  America decides not to go, so she can marry Aspen but Aspen realizes that he doesn’t want to marry America.  He is afraid he won’t be able to take care of her since he is so poor.  He urges America to sign the forms so she will become a three, then when she goes to the palace he tells her to immediately lose so she can go back to him and they can be married as threes.   She agrees and signs the forms, and in a week is sent off with 35 other girls to the palace.  One by one the girls meet the prince.  The prince tells America he does not want to marry her, but he would like someone who knows the girls well to tell him which one to marry.  America agrees as long as he says he will not marry her.  America stays with Prince Maxin for weeks telling him who to eliminate and when.  Now there are only 17 girls left, and America can’t wait to go home.  That night rebels attack the palace, and two girls leave the competition out of fear.   Prince Maxin says he will let America leave if she wants to.  She declines and says she would rather help him pick a wife.  As the days pass Maxin and America begin to fall in love.  Although she told him not to pick her, she now realizes she would not mind being picked.  As they start dating, Aspen is asked to work as a guard for the palace.  He agrees, but soon sees that  the prince and America have gotten very close.  Now America must make a choice…. but who will she choose?

This is an amazing book and that I think a lot of people would love it.

My favorite character is Maxin.   I like how he asks America to help him pick a wife, because he doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings.

There is no bad language, and no violence.  There is medium romance that would not be appropriate for younger kids, and the second book does get worse on the romance.


five out of five stars

author: Kiera Cass
Hardcover: 336 pages
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