Dragons in our midst: Raising Dragons

This series would be fine for ages 11 and up, but they do get more intense as the series goes on. The third book does deal with some possession, but it is not over the top, because this is a tween Christian series.


This book is about a boy named Billy.  Billy has mysteriously hot breath.  He can’t even kiss his mom without burning her cheek.  Then a strange girl named Bonnie shows up in his class.  Bonnie constantly has her backpack on her, and refuses to take it off.  Bonnie and Billy become friends, and begin to learn more and more about each other.  Then, when Bonnie mysteriously disappears, Billy  follows her.  He follows her to an alley way, where she has been kidnapped by their principal. Billy eventually gets kidnapped, while trying to help Bonnie escape. Right as Bonnie gets away, her back pack comes off, and huge dragon wings come out of her back.  After they escape Bonnie tells Billy that they are both half dragon, (Bonnie’s mom and Billy’s dad.) They each get a single dragon ability, (Bonnie flight and Billy fire.)  Bonnie tells Billy now that the dragon slayer knows for sure that they are the dragon he has been hunting, they have to run away.  Bonnie and Billy run away with Billy’s fully human friend Walter.  Now they are on the run, and even though they are trying to get away from the dragon slayer, Billy doesn’t think it would e such a horrible idea to try to find their dragon parents.
I absolutly LOVE this series, and I am currently re-reading them.
This book has no bad language, (a couple rude comments, and the term demon witch, which is what the dragon slayer calls female dragons.)  Extremely mild to no romance. The violence is probably mild or medium for this particular book. In the first 50 or so pages there is a very mild bully, and then after that there is the dragon slayer, but neither one are that terrible in this book.
My favorite character is Bonnie because she is quiet, but is a lot stronger and smarter then she leads on to be, which catches a lot of people by surprise.
five out of five stars
Author: Bryan Davis
Paperback: 384 pages

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