The book Thief

I would recommend this book the kids no younger than thirteen.  This book is very good, but can be difficult to understand and confusing at times.


This book takes place during World War two. Liesel and her mom and brother, are running away from their home town which has been over run by Nazis.  Liesel’s mom found a family on Himmel Street that is willing to take in the two kids. On the way to the home, Liesel’s brother gets sick and dies.  Finally, they make it to Himmel Street, and her mom leaves her with Rosa and Hans Huberman.  Liesel immediately fits in, and makes a new best friend named Rudy.  Rudy and Liesel do all sorts of things together, and eventually pluck up the courage to begin stealing food and books.  Now Liesel con not stop stealing books, and will get them from anywhere possible, even Nazi book burnings.  When Liesel turns eleven, a Jew named Max knocks on their door. Twenty years before, Hans had made a promise to Max’s mom saying that he would take care of him in the future id he ever needed it. Max says that he needs help and wants to know if he can live in their basement. Max lives in their basement unnoticed for a year, then the bombing begins.  After the bombings the Nazis come and search all the houses; they do not find Max, who is hidden under the stair case in the Huberman’s basement.  Then the Nazis begin to take Jews and kill a few publicly, and when Hans saves a jew’s life he is immediately punished.  He is sent off to war. Max also decides to leave, he thinks that he is causing to many problems, and is afraid he will get them into trouble.  Hans breaks his leg and is sent back home three years later. One night, Liesel decides to go down into the basement for a while, and ends up following asleep. She wakes up to nothing; there are medics all around her, and she doesn’t know what is going on. That night there was a bombing, everyone was killed except her; she was in the basement.  Everyone is gone, Rosa, Hans, even Rudy.  Liesel is sent off to another foster home where she grows up.  When Liesel was an adult, she starts a store front. One day in the store a man walks in asking to see someone named Liesel. It is Max, he also survived the war.  Liesel died of old age, with three kids and three grandkids.

This book is absolutly amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone.

This book has mild romance, and medium to heavy bad language.  This book does include some swearing, although they do not use the worst of words it is quite repetitive. The violence is a medium, and for a book on World War two, it defiantly was not near as bad as it could have been.

five out of five stars 

Author: Markus Zusak
pages: 576
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