If you are going to read this book, I would recommend it for ages twelve to fourteen.


Elemental is about a society where every person is born with the control of one of the elements, water, earth, air, or fire.  Everyone has an element except for Thomas. Thomas is Immediately ignored and bullied, and the only people who accept him are his friends Rose and Alice.  Then a fire breaks out on the island that they all live on, and the kids are sent to help.  That is when they see a pirate ship coming toward their island, ready to attack.
I actually did not like this book and could not finish it.  I would definitely not recommend it.
From what I have read, this book had no bad language and extremely minor romance. It had very minor violence, ( brutal storms, a wild fire, and the mention of a characters mom being killed by pirates.)
one out of five stars
Author: Antony john
Pages: 326
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