Paladin prophecy

I would recommend this book to kids no younger than thirteen.  Most of the content is clean but there are a couple things that could scare kids.


This book follows a teenage boy named Will.  Will is an average boy, until he scores a 112 on a world wide test. Will is taken to a school for special teens, and is put in a dorm with Ajay, Nick, Elise, and Brooke.  That is when they begin to realize that something is not right at this school.  One of the schools leaders (lyle) has the power of mind control, and is out to kill Will.  Will try’s not to worry about it, but when Lyle kidnaps Brooke, he realizes he can not ignore this any longer, but is he willing to risk all of his other friends lives in order to get Brooke back?
I absolutely loved this book, and flew right through it.
My favorite character is Ajay, because he has a great sense of humor.
This book has minor language, and the romance is not too bad. Ajay makes a comment that all the girls in the school are beautiful, and Will is caught in the middle of an interesting love triangle. There is nothing that a tween could not handle. The violence was not too bad, there was a gruesome scene, where one of the characters gets stabbed in his stomach (he does survive.) a small non descriptive scene where a character gets electrocuted.
five out of five stars
Author: mark frost
Pages: 560
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