Shadow of the dragon

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up.


This book follows a girl named Kira and her little sister Elspeth.  One day while Kira and her sister Elspeth are out walking, their family is taken hostage.  Their mom, dad, and brother are taken to war, and their other sister is taken to a slave camp.  Now on the run, from the prince, Kira and Elspeth, are in constant danger. They will do anything to get away from the prince and his men and find their family, but when there brother is put on the front line of a dragon war, they aren’t sure how to get him back.
I LOVED this book and whipped right through it.
My favorite character  is Kira, because she is strong willed and brave.
This book had no bad language, no romance, and minor-medium violence.  All in all this book was surprisingly clean, and the entire series stays that way.
five out of five stars 
Author: Kate o’ Hearn 
Pages: 307
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