The maze runner

This book should not be read by kids younger then fourteen.


This book is about a boy named Thomas.  Thomas is shipped off to this place called the Maze, Thomas has lost has memory and has no idea what is going on.  The maze is full of other teenage boys who have also lost their memories.  Their only goal is to escape, before the monsters in the maze kill them. The boys search for clues, and even venture further into the maze, desperate to get out.  Then for the first time ever a girl is sent to the maze, and she brought a clue of how to get out along with her.
I disliked this book for multiple reasons; I felt that the main character was very whiny and over all unlikeable. I think that the main reason that I disliked this book was because of the over use of James Dashner’s made up language. It seemed that at least ten times a page the boys would say things like klunk and shuck, and it became quite repetitive.
The romance is extremely mild, and the bad language was fairly mild.  The author used words like shuck and klunk to replace swearing.  The violence was pretty bad.   The boys would go insane and begin, and in one case tried to eat each other. Then as punishment the other boys would throw the outcast into a pit and watch him be eaten by monsters.  Even though the author was not too graphic, the reader still is very aware of what is going on.
one out of five star
Author: James dashner
Pages: 400
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