I would recommend this book to ages 12 or 13, because of some iffy scenes.


This book is about a girl named Cinder. Cinder is a cyborg, or a genetically enhanced human. Cinder works for her stepmother and her stepmothers two daughters. Cinder and Peony, (her stepmothers youngest daughter) become very good friends, and Peony begins to come with Cinder to the junk yard, to get tools. That is when Cinder sees dark spots on Peony’s neck. Cinder realizes that Peony has gotten the plague, (a disease going around that kills you in three days.) Cinder’s stepmother gives Cinder away to a hospital as a tester (someone who tests the cures for the disease) Now Cinder has been sent off to a brand new life, and she is terrified. Then prince Kai comes to Cinder asking her if she can fix his broken tool. She agrees and begins meeting up with him every day. Then the surgeon tells her that some how she is immune to the disease, and that she is a lunar. Lunar’s are supposed to be dead. Then the Lunar queen, Levana comes to earth demanding to marry prince Kai. Then Levana sees Cinder, and realizes that she is a lunar. Levana immediately wants Cinder dead, but how can she do that with out having Kai find out?
I absolutely loved this book, it was just a really fun book. I give it four out of five stars.
I honestly do not have a favorite character in this book, because I loved them all.
The violence in this book is a medium. There really was not much of anything, except there were some gruesome surgery scenes. There was no bad language. There is one kiss, and all the girls in the town love prince Kai, (because of his royalty.)
five out of five stars
Author: Marissa Meyer
Pages: 387
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