I would recommend this book to kids ages 12 and up.


This book is about a girl named Deryn and a boy named Alek. Alek is a prince, and after his parents were killed, he has constantly been on the run, even in the middle of World War One. Deryn is a girl who wants nothing more then to go into war with her older brother. Her brother agrees to help her, and begins to disguise her like a boy. Deryn gets put in war, and is immediately separated from the group, so she is put on a aircraft called the Leviathan. So far no one has discovered her secret, until a female spy comes aboard the Leviathan. Deryn is terrified, and knows that a girl will have much more of a chance of finding her out. Then Deryn and Alek meet, both keeping terrible secrets. They become friends, but Deryn fears that the longer she is around him, the sooner he will find out. The. The aircraft begins to crash land, and Deryn and Alek are the ones who must try to save it.
I thought this book was very well thought out, and I enjoyed it very much.
My favorite character is Deryn, because she is very funny.
This book had very very minor violence, which surprised since it was set in World War One. Deryn does swear, but not like what we are used to. She says words like barking spiders, and blisters. There is no romance, but they do talk about how Deryn has special tailoring to disguise herself. There is some religious talk, and debates about Christianity and Darwinism.
three out of five stars
Author: Scott westerfeld
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