Pegasus: the flame of Olympus

I would say that this book is good for ages eleven and up.


This book is about a thirteen year old girl named Emily. Emily is at home alone when she hears a big crash on her apartments roof. She goes up to her roof to see what has happened, and sees something she has never seen before. Pegasus, the Olympian horse of the greek gods has crash landed on her roof. Pegasus is horribly injured, with a spear in it’s stomach. Emily is not strong enough to get it out, so she goes to find Joel the school bully. He is the one strong enough to pull it out. Joel follows her and helps and they become great friends. While on the roof, they get attacked by creatures called nirads. As they fly away on Pegasus, a nirad grabs Emily’s leg, and they crash land in the middle of forest. Emily’s leg is now infected and she can not walk. Then Emily’s dad finds them along with the Greek gods Diana and Paelen. That is when they all find out that a mental hospital is after them, and wish to interrogate them, and they will not stop until they get them.
I absolutely LOVED this book. I flew right through it, and read it in one day. I highly recommend it.
My favorite character is Joel. I loved how he went from this awful bully to Emily’s best friend.
This book has medium violence, and no bad language. This book also has no romance. In book two the content stays the same, in book three and four there is one kiss.
five out of five stars
Author: Kate o’ Hearn
Pages: 385
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