The Count of Monte Cristo

I would recommend this book for ages fourteen+.  This book is very good, and even though it is a classic, it is not at all boring.


This book is about a man named Edmond Dantes.  Edmond works on a ship, and is going to sail to town to meet his fiancé; but as he is about to get married, some jail guards come and arrest him.  Edmond knows that he did not do anything wrong, but the guards do not believe him.  Edmond is thrown in prison, and stays there for about eleven years.  Until he meets a man who is in the cell next to him.  They dig a tunnel connecting their cells.  Edmond and the man plan an escape, and are just about to carry through with it, until the man in the cell suddenly get sick and dies. Now Edmond is on his own.  He does manage to carry through with an escape plan, and get out.  Edmond goes back to where his fiancé lives, and finds that she has married someone else.  Edmond later finds out that the man she married is the same man that falsely accused him, and put him in prison. Edmond is furious, and plans an elaborate plan to get back at everyone who wronged him.  Edmond renames himself the Count of Monte Criso, and begins to unravel his plan.

I loved this book, it is a book that I would recommend for sure.

My favorite character is Edmond Dantes, because he is so smart and he always figures a way out of things.

There is no bad language in this book, and hardly any romance.  The violence is probably in the medium amount.


four out of five stars

by: Alexandre Dumas père 
pages: unabridged: 1488 
pages: abridged: 531
Buy the abridged version here
Buy the unabridged version here


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3 thoughts on “The Count of Monte Cristo

  1. I have read this book probably 4 times in my life and just reread it again. I love it! You really do have to focus on the story because it can get confusing. Edmund Dantes becomes many people in this book in order to pull off his schemes and so you really have to pay attention. I highly recommend it also! Thanks for the review!

  2. I enjoyed your review Rachel. It’s been a long time since I read the book and it made me want to read it again, or at least see the movie. Great job!