The Raven Boys

I would recommend this book for ages fourteen and up.

the raven boys maggie stiefvater

This book is about a girl named Blue.  Everyone in Blue’s family are psychics, except for Blue.  Instead, Blue is like a “battery” to her family. Whenever Blue is around, they can see further into the future.  Then Blue meets a boy named Gansey, who comes in wanting to know his future.  She goes and visits him after he leaves, and finds out that he is looking for a lost king.  Gansey tells Blue that there is a king that was buried alive, but that he did not die. This king was buried on an energy line, and whoever finds this king gets one wish.  Gansey and all of his friends, (Noah, Adam, and Ronan) are determined to find this king, and with the psychics daughter to help them, they think that they have a pretty good chance. Then they find out that they are not the only ones looking for the lost king.  There is someone else out there who is just as determined as they are.

I absolutely loved this book.  It was so good, and I would recommend it for sure.

I have a lot of favorite characters in this book, they were all so funny, but my favorite was probably Adam.

This book had minor violence, and minor romance.  Even though Adam and Blue are dating, there is  nothing inappropriate, (They don’t even kiss.)  The only real problem with this book was the cursing. There was a major amount of curse words.  Also parents should know that this book does include things involving psychics and ghosts. There are things like palm readings and tarot cards.

Four out of five stars 


Author: Maggie Stiefvater

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One thought on “The Raven Boys

  1. I read this and thought it was a good book, too. I agree with the cursing thing and wasn’t big on the mom and daughter psychic thing. If you can get past those things, then the book is a good book.