I would recommend this book to teens ages fourteen and up.


This book left off where Divergent ended.  Four and Tris go to the amity headquarters trying find a safe  place to go after the war.  They soon realize that they do not fit in there, and decide to go to the Candor headquarters, where they are kidnapped and questioned.  That is where Tris discovered that the divergents are being controlled, and if the people do not turn in a divergent everyday, she kills three people.  Tris decides to go and visit her brother Caleb in Erudite, but he turns on her, and turns her in.  How is Tris supposed to escape now?

This book was very good, but I liked divergent better.

My favorite character is Christina, Tris’ best friend.

The bad language was minor, and the violence was medium/heavy.  The romance was heavy, and that is why I will not be reading the third book.

Four out of five Stars

author: Veronica Roth
Hardcover: 544 pages
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