I would recommend this book for kids ages twelve and up.


This book is about a boy name Benson, who just got a scholarship to Maxfield Academy.  The academy is not what it seems.  There are no adults, the kids run themselves. They are watched every second by monitors, and if you try to escape they die.  Benson becomes friends with his roommate Maosn, his girlfriend Jane, and his friend Becky.  Mason, Jane, and Benson are desperate to find a way out, but Becky is happy to stay at the school, and to follow the rules.  Benson try’s everything, until he realizes that the school is not at all what it looks like.  There is a huge secret at the school, and Benson wants to find out who started it, but he soon realizes that escaping could be impossible.

I loved this book!  It was so good, and so was the sequel.

The bad language was very minor.  The romance was also very minor, ( a mention that people are dating at the school, one kiss.)  The violence was the worst part of this book, but it was not overwhelming.  The violence was medium to heavy, I cannot say specifically what happens without giving the book away.

 Five out of five stars
author: Robison Wells
pages: 373
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