The Chaos of Stars

I would recommend this book for ages 12 plus.


This book is about a girl named Isadora, who is the daughter of two egyptian gods.  When Isadora finds out that her mom is pregnant, she gets mad and decides to  go live with her brother and his girlfriend.  When she gets there she finds out that her brother has gotten married, and that his wife is also pregnant. Isadora is sick and tired of babies, and tries to stay as for away as possible from them.  She gets a job as a tour guide at an Egyptian museum, and begins to go to public school.  She meets a girl named Tyler, who then introduces Isadora to her boyfriend Scott, and her friend Ry.  Isadora asks Ry, Scott, and Tyler to come to her brother’s house and redecorate her room.  They all agree, and begin to come really close friends.  Then Isadora’s mom sends a message saying that Isadora has to come home right now, because she might be in trouble.  Isadora refuses to come home, until she soon realizes that she might not be the one who is in trouble.  Now it might be to late to go back and try to help, but her friends are willing to come with her and try.

I loved this book, and am now looking for all the other books by this author.

For my favorite character, I think that it is a tie between Ry, Scott, and Tyler.

The violence in this book is pretty minor, there is a fist fight, and a mention of a near drowning.  The bad language is also on the minor side.  The romance is also not bad.  There are some dating couples, but that is about it.


four out of five stars

Author: Kiersten White
page: 276
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