Life as we Knew it

I think that this book would be fine for ages twelve plus.


This book is about a sixteen year old girl named Miranda.  Miranda lives at home with her mom and her fourteen year old brother Jon.  While they are at home they hear on the news that a meteor has hit the moon, and has moved it closer to orbit.  Miranda calls her nineteen year old brother Matt, and asks him to come home with them in case anything happened.  They have begun rationing food, saving water, and getting whatever supplies they may need.  Then the tidal waves begin.  All over the world tidal waves are killing people.  They believe that they are safe because there are no large bodies of water around them, until the electricity goes out, and the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions begin.  Now people are starving to death, and they are running out of food.  They find away to gather food and they think that they may be safe, until the plagues begin.  Miranda’s mom gets the plague and passes it on to Jon, then to Matt.  How are they supposed to survive this?

This book was good, but not my favorite, I would not recommend this book to my friends.

My favorite character is Matt, because he tries his best to keep there family together.

This book has very minor bad language, and romance.  The violence is not bad at all, (A mention of a woman committing suicide after her daughter died.) (Also Miranda’s family is divorced, and there is some discussion about religion because Miranda’s best friend is a Christian.)

 Three out of five stars 
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
pages: 337

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