The Girl of Fire and Thorns

I think that this book would totally be fine for anyone twelve years old and up.


This story follows a girl named Elisa. Elisa is married off to a prince in another realm, in trade for peace between the two realms. Elisa begins to learn how to be princess, and how to deal with things in the castle. Then Elisa is kidnapped and the people need her in order to stop a war. At first Elisa is wanting to get away, until she realizes that she likes these people and want to help them with the war. Elisa meets a boy named Humberto, and realizes that she likes him. The problem is, she is already married. Now Elisa has to figure out how to stop a war, and how to get out of her marriage without starting another war.
I love this book, and would recommend it for sure.
My favorite character is Humberto, because he is funny and light hearted.
This book has no bad language, minor romance, and medium violence.
 five out of five stars
Author: Rae Carson
Pages: 423
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