I think that this book would be appropriate for ages 12+.


This book is about two sisters named Gabi and Lia. Gabi and Lia are searching in an ancient tomb for their mom who is a archaeologist. As the girls are searching through the dark tomb, they realize that the room is spinning. Once the room stops spinning Gabi gets up and realizes that Lia is not there with her. Gabi walks out of the tomb and right into the middle of a battlefield. Gabi has fallen into the 14th century. One of the men in the battle see her, and take her back to his castle. Gabi tries to escape Many times in order to find her sister, but she is caught each time. Finally she convinces the three leaders (Marcelo, Luca, and Fortino) to help her find her sister. Then Gabi finds out her sister has been taken by one of the worst kingdoms in the area. Now she is not so sure she can get her sister back.
I absolutely loved this book. There was not one boring moment, every bit of it was exciting.
My favorite character was Luca, because he was funny and sarcastic.
This book had no cursing. It had moderate violence (since this was set in the 1400’s there was a lot of fighting with different weapons.) this book had pretty minor romance. There was definitely some, but it was not over the top.
four and a half out of five stars
Author: Lisa bergren
Pages: 369
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