I would recommend this book for anyone ages twelve and up.


Many years ago this explosion in the sky called the Calamity came and it gave certain people powers.  These people are called epics and the epics are terrible people.  When the most powerful epic, Steelheart, comes and kills many people including David’s dad, David wants revenge. David has spent his whole life researching epics and how they can be killed.  That’s when David finds out about the Reckoners.  The Reckoners have committed their entire lives to killing the weaker epics.  When David finally tracks down the epics, he asks to be part of their group, so that he can have help killing Steelheart.  The Reckoners accept him into their group and begin a plan on how to kill Steelheart.  In order to get to Steelheart, they have to kill all the epics around Steelheart, David is willing to do anything, but the rest of the Reckoners might not be so willing.

This book was really really good, it was kind of like a different take on superheroes.

This book had very mild bad language, mild romance, and mild violence.

My favorite character is Cody, who is one of the Reckoners, because he is so funny.

four out of five stars

Pages: 400

author: Brandon Sanderson


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