The Knife of Never Letting Go

I think that the age for this would be good for thirteen plus.  The main problem in this book is the violence, so if that does not bother you then it could be good for twelve plus too.


The Knife of Never Letting Go is about a twelve year old boy named Todd.  Todd lives in a town called Prentiss Town.  In Prentiss Town, there are no girls, only boys, and at the age of thirteen, a boy becomes a “man,” and must complete a task to be accepted as a man.  Todd is the last boy and is one month away from becoming a man.  Years before a sickness called the noise came to Prentiss Town.  The people of the town are led to believe that that is what killed all the girls.  The men did not die, but the sickness left them with the ability to constantly hear each others thoughts.   Then Todd’s dad Benjamin tells Todd that he has to leave Prentiss Town, because something terrible will happen when the last boy becomes a man. Todd leaves the town along with his dog Manchee, and plans to run into the woods, to try to escape, but one of the men of Prentiss Town, named Aaron is following them, and is determined to turn the last boy into a man.  That is when Todd finds a girl in the woods named Viola, and he takes her with him, to try to find a safe town to live in, but Todd can’t stop wondering why is she the only girl in the town, and how did she survive? Todd and Viola start to uncover some of the mysteries of Prentiss Town, until they find out, that maybe the noise wasn’t the thing that killed the girls after all.

I loved this book, because it was something totally new and different.

My favorite character was Benjamin, because he really cared for Todd.

There is a lot of violence in this book, and I did skim over some of the detail.  This book has minor romance, and medium cursing.  Although the characters do not usually curse outright, the do use other words as a stand in for cursing.

five out of five stars

Author: Patrick Ness
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