The Host

I think that this book would be appropriate for ages fifteen and up.


This book is about a world that has been taken over by aliens.  The aliens take over human bodies and control them. The aliens think that the world has become to violent, and they want to set the humans on the right path.  This book is in the perspective of an alien named Wanda.  She is in the body of a girl named Melanie.  Melanie is not leaving her body though, so now it is kind of like having to people in one body.  Melanie wants to find her brother Jamie and her boyfriend Jared, and eventually leads Wanda to the cave that they are hiding in.  Jared and Jamie want nothing to do with Melanie because, they think that she has left her body.  How can Melanie prove to them that she is still there?

My favorite character was Jared, because he was very understanding.

I liked this book, but the romance kind of ruined it for me.

This book had minor/medium language, medium violence, and heavy romance.  I would not recommend this to anyone under fifteen.

Four and a half out of five stars

Author: Stephanie Meyer
pages: 619
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