Tuck Everlasting

This book is good for any age really, but probably starting at ten so that it can be fully understood.



This book is about a girl named Winnie Foster.  Winnie is ten years old, and she lives with her family, who own some acres of woods behind their house.  One day Winnie is walking in her back woods, when she says a boy named Jesse drinking from a spring.  She walks up to the boy, and asks him if she can have some of the water.  He quickly says no right as his brother Miles and mom come up. The family kidnaps Winnie and take her back to their home.  They tell her that they didn’t want to kidnap her, but they didn’t know what else to do.  Tuck, the father, comes out to see Winnie, and the family quickly explains what happened. They say that if you drink the spring water in the woods then you will become immortal.  Jesse explains that he is actually over 100 years old, but will always look as if he is 17, because that is when he first drank the water.  Winnie spends some time with the family and eventually falls in love with Jesse.  Jesse gives her a vile of the water, and tells her that when she turns seventeen she needs to drink it so that she can get married to Jesse.  Now Winnie has a choice, live forever with Jesse and his family or live and die just like the rest of the world.

I absolutely loved this book, and it was of my all time favorites. I just recently read it for my fourth time.

This book has mild to no language and romance.  There is very minor violence, but over all this book is very clean.

five out of five stars



Author: Natalie Babbit

pages: 139

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