Nine Days

This book should be fine for anyone ages twelve and up.



This book is a true story about a boy named Ethan and his friend Ti-Anna who are thirteen years old.  Ti-Anna tells Ethan that her father was kidnapped by soldiers and was put in a prison in China. Ethan decides that he is going to help Ti-Anna save her dad, and says that he is going to take her to China. Ethan steals his moms credit card and takes Ti-Anna to the airport, where they fly across the world all by themselves.  Once they make it to China, they have to find a hotel and try to look for anyone who may know anything about Ti-Anna’s dad.  Ethan tells her that if they don’t find him within seven days they will have to give up and go back home.  After days of searching they find someone who claims they know exactly where her dad is, but he says that he will only tell them what he knows if Ti-Anna comes back later, alone.  At first Ethan refuses, but he eventually agrees, promising that he will stay close enough to still see her.  Ethan watches as Ti-Anna talks to the man for a while, until he sees the man drug and kidnap her. Now Ethan has to find Ti-Anna alone, and he has no idea where to go.

I don’t really know who my favorite character would be, but if I had to pick one, I would say Ethan.

This was a very good book, and knowing that it was a true story makes it even better.

four and a half out of five stars 

If this book had any language at all, it was very minor along with the romance and violence. Over all this book was very clean.


author: Fred Hiatt

Pages: 256

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