Between the Lines

I would recommend this book for anyone ages twelve plus.



This book is about a girl named Delilah who loves to read, especially her favorite fairy tale book. Delilah keeps re-reading her fairy tale book until she senses something strange about it.  After looking around and doing some research, she realizes that the characters in the book are real; trapped in the story.  Every time she opens the book, the characters have to act out the story page for page and word for word.  Then she meets the stories Prince Charming, who wants to get out more then anybody else.  Delilah decides that she is going to help him, but how can she prove to people that the characters in the book are real?


My favorite character was Delilah, because she has the same personality that a lot of book readers have.

This book was very fun to read, but not a book that will stick with me forever.

Three stars

This book had no bad language, mild romance (some kissing) and mild to medium violence, including pirates and killer mermaids.



Authors: Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

pages: 352

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