The Red Pyramid

I would recommend this book to anyone ages 11 and up.  This series is written by the same author of the Percy Jackson series, and is appropriate for the same age group.



Carter Kane travels the world with his dad who is an Egyptologist, while his sister, Sadie, was forced to live with their grandparents in England after their mom died.  They see each other on Christmas Eve, but after living apart for six years, they really have nothing in common, and they argue a lot.  Their dad takes them to a  Museum promising that he will make things right by doing this.  The kids watch as their dad summons a horrible creature, then see him disappear completely.  The siblings soon find out that everything their dad has been studying is real, Egyptian gods and goddesses exist.  The kids soon are told that two important gods/goddesses have inhabited them in order to get what they need.  Now, because of this Sadie and Carter can do things that people could only dream of, but will it be enough to save everyone they love?


This book is very hard for me to review, because Percy Jackson is my favorite series ever, but I really am not a huge fan of this series. For whatever reason I just could not get into it. The pacing in this book, wasn’t very good, and the characters were very hard to connect too. If you are looking for a Rick Riordan book, definitely go for Percy Jackson.



three out of five stars

I don’t have a favorite character in this book, none of them really stuck out to me.

This book was pretty good, but not near as good as Rick Riordan’s other series Percy Jackson.

This book was very appropriate, with no language and romance to very mild. The violence was also mild.

author: Rick Riordan

Pages: 514

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