I would recommend this book to ages ten or eleven plus.



This book is about a girl  named Meggie and Mo her dad, who is a book binder.  One night a man comes to their house.  His name is Dustfinger, and he claims to be an old family friend, but Mo knows who he really is.  The day after Dustfinger’s visit, Mo decides that he is going to take Meggie, and move to her Aunt Eleanor’s house, but Dustfinger follows them.  Mo is desperate to get away from him, but Dustfinger wants something, and he won’t leave until he gets it.  Dustfinger stays at Eleanor’s along with Mo and Meggie.  Then one night all four of them are kidnapped, and are taken prisoner.  Mo and Dustfinger know who kidnapped then, and they are both very scared of him. Then Dustfinger finds out what their captor wants, and he slowly begins to realize that joining sides with him may be the only way to get what he wants from Mo.  Mo refuses to do what they want, until he sees that they have something that he wants too.  Now he has to decide if what he wants is worth trading for what they want.


five out of five stars

This book was amazing, I just recently read it for my second time, and it was just as good.

My favorite character was Dustfinger because he was willing to do anything to save the people he loved.

This book had no bad language and no romance.  There was not much actual violence, but there were a couple flash backs of violent acts, kidnappings, threats, and an over all dark setting.  Weapons were also very prominent in this book.

Author: Cornelia Funke

Pages: 560

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