Black Out

I would recommend this book for ages twelve plus.



This book is about four main characters named Laura, Alec, Jack, and Aubrey.  Laura and Alec are super humans. They can do things that no one on earth has seen.  Only, they are not using these abilities for good, but instead becoming the source of many violent acts.  Jack and Aubrey are trying to stay safe and away from the attacks.  Then they find out that the super human abilities that Laura and Alec have, may be a virus; and it’s spreading.  Kids are being taken into custody and tested for the “virus.”  The infected have started a terrorist organization, trying to take down all of the big government buildings, and they need help.  They start testing all the youth to see if they have been infected, and if they will be of help.  The question is, have Jack and Aubrey been infected, and if so, will their abilities be of use to the rising organization?



I really enjoyed this book, a long with all of Robison Well’s other books. I can’t wait to read the second book.

I did not necessarily have a favorite character.  I fell in love with the plot, more then with the characters and world building.

This book had mild romance and mild language.  There was violence, but it was in no way gory or overly graphic.

Four out of Five stars

Author: Robison Wells

Pages: 424

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2 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. Another great review. I love how you’ve changed your blog. It looks great and I’m looking forward to more!