The Shadow Thieves

I would recommend this book for ages 11 and up.



This is a greek mythology book about a girl named Charlotte. Charlotte’s cousin Zee comes from England to visit, and he is convinced that he has started a “death virus” among his friends back home. His fear was confirmed when Charlotte’s friends also started to get sick. Zee and Charlotte decide that they are going to look for the cure, but they get a lot more then they bargained for. Things that they thought were myths suddenly start to come true. A man named Mr. Metos begins to help the kids. He tells the kids that no matter what happens, Zee can not go to the Underworld, but that is all he tells them before He disappears. No matter how hard they try to avoid it, their quest for the cure sends them to the Underworld, and into the hands of an evil man named Philonecron. They think that it can’t get any worse, until they figure out the reason that Zee was not supposed to go to the Underworld.



My favorite character was Zee, because he was willing to do anything to save his friends.

I loved this book, and the entire series. I read this book right after I finished Percy Jackson and thought it had great Greek Mythology in it.

This book had no bad language, and no romance. This book did have some violence, but mostly in a Greek Mythology setting, for example the Underworld. There is one extremely mild torture seen with hardly any details, and they are torturing him according to a Greek myth.

Author: Anne Ursu

Pages: 420

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