The Final Empire

I would recommend this book for ages fourteen and up.


This book takes place in a squalid and destitute world called the Final Empire.  The Final Empire is dictated by a villainous man named the Lord Ruler.  For the most part, every one in this world are split up into three groups, the Nobility, the Magic Wielders, (Mistborn, Tineyes, Soothers, etc…) and the Skaa.  The nobility are the royals and politicians, the Magic Wielders are those who have types of magic (Mistborn being the most powerful and are able to control all types of magic.) and the Skaa are the slaves.  Vin is a gaunt but unyielding sixteen year old girl who is a Skaa, but yet she holds the powers of  a Mistborn.  Vin is recruited by a man named Kelsier who needs the help of a Mistborn to complete a confidential task.  Vin follows Kelsier and meets all the other Magic Wielding  men who have joined his group.  The men take turns teaching Vin their individual abilities, and she learns that Magic Wielders get there abilities through metal.  Kelsier then tells Vin his secret; he plans to overthrow the Lord Ruler.  Vin’s  job is to play the part of the nobility, to get information.  Vin begins to feel comfortable with her alliance and agrees to help in their plan.  As her and Kelsier become closer, she realizes that he is keeping something from them, something that could get them all killed.



My favorite character was Kelsier,  because he was care-free and always put everyone in a good mood.

I loved this book, there were no dull moments, and it was planned out very well.  The world was slightly confusing at first, but once you get into it, it is easy to understand.

This book had minor language, there was talk of romance, but hardly any occurred.  The violence was a medium for me, but most of it was a “Medieval” violence.  There are executions, and we hear about the after math of  a couple of  characters being tortured.

Five out of Five Stars

Pages: 643

Author: Brandon Sanderson

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