The Murder Complex

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen plus.


This book introduces teenagers Meadow Woodson and Zephyr James. They live in a world controlled by the Murder Complex, where the death rate is higher then the birth rate. Meadow has been taught by her older brother and dad how to fight and survive in this society. Her dad always told her to never trust anyone, because anyone can turn on you. She never disobeyed that rule, until she meets Zehpyr James. Zephyr seems too naive too live in this world, full of death and chaos, and maybe that is why she trusts him; but Meadow soon finds out that trust can be a killer. Tragically Meadow’s world crumbles as what she holds dearest in her heart is stripped away. Now a broken trust is Meadow’s only hope in recovering a life she once loved.

I loved this book, because of the vivid world the author created, the dramatic themes of lost love and trust and the struggle to win them back.

I didn’t necessarily have a favorite character in this book, as they all were well-developed and enjoyable.

This book had minor language, but most of the “cursing” consisted of made up words. This book also had minor romance. Younger readers beware as the violence in this book is graphic and plentiful.

Four and a half out of five stars


Author: Lindsay Cummings

Pages: 416

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