The Graveyard Book

I would recommend this book for ages eleven and up.

Nobody (Bod) Owens, yes that’s actually his real first name, was too young to remember the night a man named Jack killed his family, but he does remember who saved his life. Mr. and Mrs. Owens found Bod on that tragic night and took him in as their own child. The twist?  The Owens’ are dead, they have been for years.  They raise Bod in a graveyard  with a community of dead people and bestow the “gift of the graveyard” to Bod causing him to see the dead and become invisible to the living – as long as he stays in the graveyard.  Bod becomes very close with his guardian named Silas, who discloses details of his families demise and reveals why Bod has never been allowed to leave the graveyard.  Silas is Bod’s only true friend until Scarlet comes into his life.  Scarlet is the only living person that can see and speak to Bod in the graveyard.  Scarlet visits Bod everyday, even though Scarlet’s parents tell her that Bod is just her imaginary friend. Scarlet soon tells Bod that she has to move away, and won’t be able to see him again, or will she? As Bod continues to grow up, he learns more and more about his parents killer, Jack, and what happened to his family.  In the meantime, Jack wants to finish what he has started and kill the last member of the family that he is determined to end.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought that the descriptions in this book were amazing. I also really enjoyed how the author started the main character out has a baby, and the story followed him growing up into a teenager.

My favorite character was Silas, I really liked his relationship with Bod and how close they were by the end of the story.

This book had no language and no romance. The violence was minor to medium, (Jack’s life goal is to kill Bod, Jack Killed Bod’s family, and the setting of the book is eerie and creepy.)

Four and a half out of five stars


Author: Neil Gaiman

Pages: 336

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