Since You’ve Been Gone

I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.



This book follows a girl named Emily. Emily is a timid girl, who tries to stay away from anything involving socializing, until she meets Sloane. Sloane is an outgoing girl, who is desperate for attention, and becomes best friends with Emily. After years of being together, Sloane suddenly disappears without a trace. For weeks, Emily wonders what happened to her best friend, and with no way to contact her, all she can do is wait. Then she gets a letter in the mail from Sloane. Emily hopes that the letter will tell her where Sloane ran off to, but instead Sloane sends her a list. The list has a large number of things that Sloane wants Emily to do before the summer ends, and everything on the list is way outside of Emily’s comfort zone. Emily immediately assumes that if she completes this absurd list, then she will be led to where Sloane is. ¬†This list soon becomes Emily’s obsessions, as she is desperate to find out where her best friend is. The only problem is that some of the things on the list require meeting some new people, which Emily is not too happy about. Why would Sloane want her to make new friends when they have had each other for so long and will completing this list really lead her to Sloane?


I absolutely loved this book and really enjoyed the writing style. The thing I loved most about Morgan Matson’s new book was the themes behind it. This entire story was about friendship, and overcoming things that you were afraid of, and that was a really nice change from most of the books in the young adult genre.

My favorite character was Emily, because she reminded me of myself, and I think a lot of people could relate to her.

This book had no violence, and medium romance. This book also had occasional and infrequent moments of stronger language.


Five out of Five stars

Author: Morgan Matson

Pages: 464

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