The Iron Trial

( I found an ARC of this book at a bookstore. This book will be released on Sept. 9, 2014.)

All of Cassandra Clare’s and Holly Black’s books are definitely for an older audience, but this is their first middle grade novel, it is very clean and would be appropriate for ages eleven plus.



Callum’s dad has always told him to do one very simple thing, fail every test you are given in the Iron Trial. The Iron Trial is a series of tests that children are given to see if they have the magical abilities to be put into the Magisterium. The Magisterium is the school for magic, but you must do well in the Iron Trial to get in. Callum’s dad has always told him that the Magisterium is a terrible place where the professors kill and conduct experiments on the kids that go there. Callum tries his best to fail, but he is still chosen as one of the students to enter the the school. As Callum learns more and more about the Magisterium and the people that go there, he realizes that it may not be as bad as his dad has always told him. As Callum and his new friends look further into the schools past¬†they begin to uncover secrets that should have never been found, and what the kids decide to do with this information could save or destroy everything they love.


I loved this book! My biggest problem with it was that it did have a lot in common with the Harry Potter series, but luckily there was enough new material that helped me over look all the Harry Potter parallels. I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you enjoyed any of their previous books.

My favorite character was Aaron, but I cannot explain why without spoiling the book.

This book had no romance, no language, and minor violence, (mostly involving magical duals.)

Five out of Five Stars


Author: Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Pages: 304

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