The Giver

I would recommend this book to ages eleven and up.


This book takes place in a society where everything is black and white and there is no fear, pain, or emotion. At the age of twelve, the children in this community are assigned a job that they will have to fulfill for the rest of their lives. Jonas is told that for his job, he will receive special training from a man called the Giver. Jonas learns that the Giver is one person singled out from the rest of society to take everyones emotions and feelings, and that he will be trained as the next one. As Jonas begins to feel emotions like happiness and see his first colors he decides that being the new Giver will be a great job, until he feels emotions like anger, sadness, and pain. Jonas begins to learn things about his community, that makes him hate everyone and everything he ever knew. Jonas is determined to make a stand, but it is one that could kill them all.


I really enjoyed this book, and thought that the idea behind it was excellent. My main issue with this story was how simplistic it was. I felt that the descriptions were limited, and that it lacked in world building. Over all, it was a great story, and I would definitely recommend it.


My favorite character was The Giver, because he was the only person with any real emotions and feelings in a world where there were none.

This book had no profanity, minor romance, and minor violence.

Four out of Five Stars

Author: Lois Lowry

Pages: 179

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