I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up.



This book takes place in a town called Claysoot. In Claysoot, there are women, boys, and girls; but no men. At midnight of a boys eighteenth birthday they vanish, they call it the Heist. Gray Weathersby will be taken in a couple months, but he is prepared, he wants to see his brother, who has already been taken. Then Gray finds a note from his dead mother, that makes him question everything, including the wall that surrounds their city, and what lies behind it. No one has ever survived climbing the wall, but with the help of a friend, he might be ready to try. As Gray considers everything he has been told, he wonders, where do the boys who have previously been Heisted end up, and if he makes it past the wall, will he still be taken?

I have been putting off reading this book for a long time, mostly because the reviews that I have been seeing were not very positive, but I loved it! I was very excited about the concept of the story, because it was something that I have never seen a dystopian book do before. I thought that in the end, it was executed very well, although I would have liked some more character development. Erin Bowman focused very heavily on the world building, which I loved, but because of that, I didn’t feel very connected to the characters. Over all, I really enjoyed this book, and will be reading the sequel.


My favorite character was Gray, because out of all of the characters, I felt that he was the most relatable. I also loved that Erin Bowman decided to write from a guy’s perspective, considering almost all dystopian’s are from a girl’s perspective.

This book had medium romance, medium violence, and minor language.

Four out of Five Stars

Author: Erin Bowman

Pages: 360

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