The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I would recommend this book to kids ages nine and up.



The Invention of Hugo Cabret is told through both words, and beautiful pencil drawings. The art worked very well with the story, and was the reason why I was originally drawn to it. Hugo is a twelve year old boy working with his uncle as a Timekeeper’s assistant; but he is soon orphaned and left to live alone in a train station.  Hugo soon discovers an automaton that his father was restoring and decides that he wants to finish what his dad has already started. He begins to steal parts from a toy shop, but is soon caught by the owner, who threatens to arrest Hugo if he continues to steal. Hugo persistently continues to work on the automaton, but realizes there may be more secrets behind it then he thought. As Hugo begins to look deeper into his past and the past of the shop owner, he begins to realize that their lives may intertwine more then he thinks.


I thought that the drawings were absolutely gorgeous, but that the story was lacking.  All in all this book had a very cute plot, but nothing incredible.  I will be reading Brian Selznick’s other book Wonderstruck, but mostly because I want to see the different types of artwork in it.

Three Out of Five Stars


My favorite character was Kit, because she never gave up even when things got tough.

This book had no swearing, no romance, and no violence ( A hand is broken.)

Pages: 511

Drawings: 284

Author: Brian Selznick

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One thought on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret

  1. Thanks so much for the very helpful and complete book review that you provided. I was originally going to buy this book for my son but instead, I think I’ll browse your other book reviews and find something he might enjoy more. Thanks for writing these reviews. I makes it much easier to identify and recommend books to my son who unfortunately doesn’t enjoy reading as much as you. Maybe with your blogs, I can help him find something he will really enjoy and change how he views reading. Thanks again, Julia