On The Fence

I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.

After the death of Charlie’s mom, Charlie has had to live in a household with her dad, three older brothers, and her neighbor Braden; which is the reasoning behind her being such a tomboy. Problems start when Charlie gets another speeding ticket, and her dad makes her get a job to pay it off… but the only job available is at a boutique. Charlie knows nothing about makeup or hair, but since it is her only option she takes the job. Her goal is to keep her new job hidden from her family, who will tease her relentlessly. Charlie seeks advice every night from Braden, who tells her that she needs to stay true to herself even if it means looking for a new job. As things continue to get harder and harder for Charlie, she wonders if faking who she is would be the easier option.


I have never been a fan of contemporary books, but after I found out that it was written by Kasie West, I knew that I had to give it a try since I loved her “Pivot Point” duology . I was so glad that I did, because this book made the list of my favorites of 2014. It was not written the way that a contemporary usually is. Instead of focusing on romance, Kasie West focused heavily on the importance of family, friends, and being who you are no matter who wants you to change. The characters in this book came to life in a way that made it seem as if I knew them personally.  I loved this Kasie West book along with all of her other ones, I can’t wait to read more by her in the future.


My favorite character was Gage, Who is one of Charlie’s brothers. Out of all of the characters how was the funniest, and he really lightened the mood of the book.

This book had no swearing, no violence, and minor romance.

Five Out of Five Stars

Author: Kasie West

Pages: 304

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One thought on “On The Fence

  1. So glad to see that there are great books out there that still have no bad language or romance involved in them. The lack of violence is really nice too. Great author!